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Warlord UK, formerly signed to Nuclear Blast, combine Old School Death and Thrash Metal (WARLORD METAL!!) and were formed in Kings Norton, Birmingham in 1991 with original members Mark Warlord White, Mick Gorst and Andrew Stone.

This potent threesome very early on in their career managed to grab the attention of Bob Lamb management, during a session in a local recording studio in Kings Heath Birmingham. Their ground shaking performance resulted in them being signed up before their 3 hour stint was over.

Neil Hutton joined the band on drums before taking up the sticks for Benediction, and was replaced by a huge personality in Neil Farrington. The band then enjoyed much success, supporting the likes of Napalm Death, Entombed, Cancer, At The Gates, Carcass & many more, not to mention numerous headlining slots at UK venues.

Their first album Maximum Carnage was released in 1996 on Nuclear Blast Records and a European tour followed with Benediction. The tour was a huge success but sadly it was decided to bring Warlord to an end in 1998.

Ten years later, Mark and Neil felt ready to resume their Metal crusade, resulting in the resurrection of the Warlord UK name. Support slots with Napalm Death, Obituary, Volcano and Evile ensued, also headlining spots at the Inferno Fest in Oslo Norway.

Warlords 3rd Album WE DIE AS ONE shows Warlord have grown and are still committed to bringing their brand of brutality and Old School Death Thrash Metal to every corner of the UK and beyond. We Die As One raised the bar and set the standard & fantastic reviews soon followed.

Warlord are currently working on the 4th album. There is an official video being filmed in April 2016, plus Warlord have just recently secured a media publishing deal. Last but not least Maximum Carnage reaches its 20th Anniversary and a re-release will follow. This will see Maximum Carnage being released for the 4th time since its original release with Nuclear Blast.

So like the mighty Centurion tank, the behemoth that is Warlord UK is continuing its assault on the mainstream - and beyond. Miss them at your peril. Warlord are signed to Xtreem Music Label.


Mark White ....Bass & Vocals

James Murphy....Drums

Gaz Thomas...... Guitars

Mick Robbins .....Guitars

Contact: Warlordproductions@live.co.uk